Spine-Chilling Movies Based On The Real Life Of Murderers, #6 Is A True Horror


Whether it is Jack, The Ripper or Lizzie Borden’s case, the crimes committed by them will never fail to rip down our soul when we hear about them. Here are some movies inspired by these real-life murderers, who went total evil in committing murders which are till date remain the talk of the town.
Let us have a look at the 7 spine chilling movies that are based on real life stories of murderers. These killers existed in history and reading this will surely make a chill run down your spine.
#1 Gary Ridgway
Rigdway inspired the movie “Green River Killer”. He killed many prostitutes and other women in California in the 80’s and 90’s. In 2001, he confessed murdering 71 people.


#2 Gertrude Baniszewski
For some years, Baniszewski molested, tortured and eventually mutilated a 16-year-old girl until she died. The murder of this young lady inspired the movie “The Girl Next Door.”

#3 David Berkowitz
This baby-faced murderer killed many young women and young couples between 1976 and 1977. The strangest part is that he blamed it all on a satanic message his landlord’s dog gave to him. The movie “Son of Sam” was based on his story.

#4 Ivan Milat
An Australian serial killer, Ivan murdered and mutilated many people. His criminal acts inspired the movie “Wolf Creek”.


#5 Richard Kuklinski
Nicknamed “The Iceman”, Kuklinski kept a double life as a family guy and a hitman without raising any suspicion among his relatives. His was the story that inspired the movie “The Iceman”.


#6 Carl Panzram
Panzram not only killed 22 people, but he also raped 1000 men and fed some of his victims to crocodiles! His crimes inspired the movies “Killer – The Journal of a Murderer” and “The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance”.


#7 Manu Sharma
He shot a woman named Jessica Lall in her head in 1999 after she refused to serve him a drink. The movie “No One Killed Jessica” talks about this crime.