The Door You Will Pick Can Predict Your Future. This Is Crazy!


Tons of quizzes circulating online have caught the interest of many of us. Whether you deny it or not, you have participated in at least one of them and believed the results like your life depended on it. But unlike any other online quiz, this one won’t let you answer a lot of questions. All you need to do is to look at all eight doors, and choose only one which appeals to you the most.

They say that the door you will choose tells a lot about your personality, and your future. Scary? Nope. Just imagine horoscopes and Nostradamus’ future predictions.

Are you ready? Now, choose a door. Once you are done, keep on scrolling to know what the future holds for you behind these doors:


Remember the number of the door and get ready to be shocked with what it can reveal.

Door One

Entryway and urn

Simplicity is what you want in your life. You are seeking quiet, solitude, and you enjoy large periods of time alone.

Your future will be a happy one because you know exactly what you want. You enjoy authenticity and simplicity. Your life will be drama-free from other people, but it can tend to be boring so be careful.

Door Two


You are destined for additional wealth — only if you put in the hard work.

The door with the stairs means that you want to climb and seek the nicer things in life. You also know that you have to work hard to get the things you want most. You definitely are enjoying the journey to the top!

Door Three

Blue painted front door and tiled building exterior with fire hydrant, Lisbon, Campo de Ourique

As you picked this door, you must be very cautious. There is a big chance that you will venture into the unknown. Even though your sense of adventure could eventually pay off, walk the path right by following the warning signs.

The fire hydrant symbolizes possible danger but we cannot really know what’s on the other side of the door. Better to approach things with caution. Also, the number 26 on the door symbolizes God, based on Judeo-Christian people. This may be a risky path for you but you can always count that the Divine One is watching over you.

Door Four

Red Door

Get prepared for battle. Whether it’s a legal battle, a struggle for power, or you’re looking for a promotion at work, make sure that you get yourself ready. Know that the red symbolizes power, as do the castle walls.

Nothing can frighten you away from claiming what is rightfully yours. You know that you have been deprived of what you wanted for too long, and now’s the time to break free.

Door Five

Dog lying on front porch

This door tells you not to worry anymore because finally, things are falling to their right places.

You have been seeking for comfort and support by those you love because your life right now is a bit rocky. If times have been hard lately, know that you will be just fine because you know what you want. With this, avoid anything that can make your life complicated.

Door Six

Steps to the light

If you have been feeling burdened lately, the good news is that you will absolutely get over it because you have enough optimism. The darkness will finally be gone, but know that you still have a little bit to go. Just set your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have gotten away with the worst, you just have to keep moving on and know that you will make it.

Door Seven

Tunnel door

If you choose this door, be ready for chaos. But don’t panic! You can surpass it!

You like the fact that even though you do not know what your next step will be, you keep your options open and every door is a door you’d like to step through. There will be a lot of unexpected surprises, but you will definitely get away with ease. If something unexpected comes your way, know that there are doors you can go through. The possibilities are endless!

Door Eight

Modern illuminated door

You chose this door because you are definitely the curious type. You know that it’s good to take unexpected risks, but you also come ready with the repercussions.

Soon, this curiosity and sense of adventure of yours will pay off. Ever thought of something that you want to do but afraid of what the outcome will be? Set aside your doubts. There’s nothing more fulfilling than conquering new things in life!