The Health Benefits Of Letting One Rip


Society makes it clear how we are supposed to act as classy, educated human beings. Most of us learn from a young age what is acceptable and what is not. Growing up, your parents teach you a whole list of manners.

We learn that we can’t put our elbows on the table, we have to close our mouths when we cough and we must excuse ourselves when we leave the table. But sometimes you have to tell it like it is, including the embarrassing stuff.
This is especially true when speaking about health. We have to talk about topics that many may find uncomfortable. But the reality is that even though health may be gross, it’s important to discuss it. Including the topic of passing gas.
In the classiest way possible, we’re here to tell you about the health benefits of letting one rip. You’d be surprised…there are a ton.


Let’s make it clear that passing gas is a totally natural thing to do. In fact, it’s necessary for your body when digesting food.

Everybody in this world needs to do it for their digestive health. It would be worse if you never passed gas.

The first benefit is the relief of bloating. If you ate a big meal and feel like you’re cramping, don’t panic.


That feeling of fullness and discomfort in your belly is actually gas waiting to escape. Releasing it will actually reduce your bloating and discomfort.


We all know that saying “when you gotta go you gotta go.” But actually, you really should go. Holding anything in for long periods of time isn’t healthy.


Holding in gas for extended periods of time can cause some serious issues with your colon which can later also tie in with other digestive issues.

Those who already have digestive issues shouldn’t even attempt holding in their gas. The body needs to release byproducts of the gastrointestinal system.


As much as you want to avoid it or hold it in, passing gas can also be a warning to your body that something just isn’t right. The sound is literally a warning.

According to, gas can actually predict major health issues early, giving you a 11

Things like extreme smells, increasing gas frequency, and strange gas pains can all give you an early heads up that you may be either lactose intolerant or might have colon problems.

This may be the grossest thing to say but yes, smelling gas passed by your body may actually be good for you…that’s right, you can read that line again.


Hear us out: according to Huffington Post, there are studies indicating that a small amount of hydrogen sulfide in our gas might protect us from later illness

This small amount of gas that tends to give off a bad smell may actually prevent cell damage, strokes and heart attacks down the line. In large doses it’s toxic.


The last thing that passing gas can help you with is balancing out your diet. It can indicate to you what foods work well for your body and which don’t

Different foods produce different kinds of gas, so you know what you should be eating more of and what you should eat less of. For example, eating red meat can create too much gas.