They Caught A Giant Alligator. But They Were Shocked Even More When They Saw What Was Inside Him!


The horror movie “Alligator” was released in 1980, and it made many people start thinking if there really were such giant and cruel creatures somewhere in the world? Of course, they would like to believe that it was only a fantasy, a bit of hypertrophic author’s reality. However, recently all the media started boiling with the news that a man caught an alligator that was too big to be real!


Let’s talk about the size so you can imagine what was that brave man dealing with. The length of the animal has reached 4.6 meters and the weight — 459 kilos! But that was not the most shocking discovery. While taxidermist Ken Owens was stuffing this alligator, he found a whole doe weighing 52 kg that was swallowed by this monster! The carcass was intact. Two squirrels were found there as well.


It took 2 hours to process the skin. And now we can say that it is the largest exhibit in the world collection!