They Were Walking By The Ocean And Saw A Floating Ball Of White Thread. They Never Thought It Would Be THIS SHARE ON FACEBOO


Erick and Torval are two young men who just became famous on social media, thanks to a heroic act featuring them both.

Both men, from Norway, were walking by the ocean when, all of a sudden, they saw a ball of white thread floating in the sea.

They quickly approached the rocky shore to see what it was.


But to the surprise of both men, they saw that it was a poor little baby lamb that was drowning, trapped by the waves. That’s when both men decided to put their rescue plan into action. 2

In spite of the dangerous swell, Erick and Torval managed to rescue the lamb from the sea, still alive. It was a difficult job, with nature conspiring against them, sending several violent waves crashing against the rocks where they were.


Happily, this little lamb is safe from harm. 4

The Norwegian men have become very popular. 5

And since the Internet has no concept of borders, here in South America we’re also aware of the heroism of these Norwegians and the sheep’s recovery.