This Man Sings Elvis To His Parrots. Their Reaction Is Hilarious. I Can’t Stop Laughing!


It seems that some videos are created to become viral on the Internet. And this clip of dancing parrot is one of them.

In the video, a man with the guitar starts to perform an Elvis Presley song. The birds are listening intently to him, but they are not impressed. At some point, the bird on the right begins to ruffle his feathers; his head is bobbing rhythmically. He is already emotionally involved with the song!

At the same time, the parrot on the left is watching with interest, but he doesn’t look excited. The cockatoo on the right is rocking out to the song. He is a real fan! So, he decides to share his passion with the companion. The parrot comes closer to his friend in dancing, but the enthusiastic creature faces with a lack of understanding. The bird on the left is confused and even angry!

But how he can not love Elvis! They both are so funny! Share this hilarious video with your friends and family!