Doting dad does nicest thing to console dog when daughter goes to college


Things haven’t been the same back home ever since Annie Shi relocated to attend college, she is missed dearly by her parents, but of course, they understand that’s the way things go.

Meanwhile, Tara (Annies dog), has difficulty accepting her absence. Since the two of them have always been the best of friends — cozying up together in bed to sleep each night.

Annie asked that her parents after heading off to college to send regular updates on how Tara is doing — and that’s how she discovered that the pup has had some trouble managing without her.

Plenty of love is given from Annie’s mom and dad, but Tara still seeks out her companionship.


Annie explains. “She misses me, she has been getting my parents to open the door to my room for her while I’m away.”


Poor Tara she is extremely upset that her beloved person’s room is now vacant.


She always seems so disheartened and sad when she realizes that Annie’s not there and the room is empty.

Tara’s favorite place to chill out is Annie’s room.


Annies Dad began to use the room as his workspace adding comfort to Tara instead of finding the room empty each time.

“Tara won’t stay in the room if there’s no one with her, so Dad has been working in my room every day,” Annie said.

Tara generally curls up on Annie’s bed, as her dad works away at the desk.


Tara has adjusted to this new routine.

However, Annie suspects her dad may have had more than one reason in mind:

She said, “It might be because he misses me too.”

Dad and Tara have always got along well but this daily routine will no doubt bring them closer while they both seek the comfort of Annie’s absence.


Annie is still very much in her family’s life despite being away at college, she even comes home to visit Tara as much as possible.

She mentions “I’ve missed her so much but the train ride home only takes three hours,”

“She’s always eager to see me!” Annie explains.


Annie is happy to know that Tara is well loved and cared for while away.