Disney Princess then and now: artist recreates cartoon characters to show what they would look like today


A lot has changed in the last several years. From technology to medicine and even fashion trends. So how much change do we imagine cartoon characters have undergone?

Well, an artist named Isabelle Staub is recreating Disney Princesses into what they might look like today. Some of these characters have been in existence for years. Take Snow White, for example, who was released in 1937. We have to wonder what would change about her if she was created using modern trends.
Isabelle posts some of the best before/afters of these Disney beauties on her Instagram page, @Isabelle_staub. Her blend of colours, attention to details and just the overall upgrade that the ladies undergo is quite gorgeous to see. Check them out below.

1. Cinderella


This is so much cooler than the real thing. The colours, the effect and the modernisation of her look have us nodding in approval.

2. Snow White

Isabelle’s version holds on to the looks and innocence of the young character while also portraying her inner strength.

3. Mulan


Tougher, prettier and ready to own the world.

4. Jasmine

Peep her stunning cheekbones.

5. Ariel


When we thought we couldn’t love her any deeper. Beautiful.

6. Belle

Topnotch work!

7. Anastasia


This talented lady is bringing back our childhood in the best way.

8. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty


We bet Disney cartoons would be so much better if Isabelle were the cartoonist.

9. Tiana



We’re so in love with the pretty blue highlights.

10. Pocahontas

Even fiercer than the real thing.

Isabelle Staub is certainly a very creative and skilled artist. For more beautiful photos like these, check out her Instagram page.