This NICU Mom’s Clever Invention Gives Life-Changing Comfort To Premature Babies


It is heartbreaking for a new mother to have to leave her baby in the NICU. Walking out of the hospital without your little one in your arms is devastating. Will he be alright? You worry. Does she know how much I love her? Does he feel safe and protected? Does she think she is alone? When can I hold him in my arms?

How overwhelming. Luckily, NICU nurses and doctors are as devoted to providing the very best care for these wee ones as their parents are. One such amazing parent is Yamile Jackson, a former NICU mom who is now helping to make other NICU mothers and fathers rest a little easier.

Jackson, who has a PhD in ergonomics and engineering, had a son in the NICU named Zack. Like most parents, she was overcome with anxiety and sadness at the thought of leaving him behind in the hospital. So, she created a unique solution—she stuffed a pair of her gloves and laid them beside Zach.

Not only did they have her scent, but they helped to re-create the weight and warmth of a mother’s touch. The nurses were so impressed by the creation that they asked her to make more for the other babies on the floor. And so the ZAKY glove was born.

The ZAKY cloth is a pediatric bolster that helps ensure that NICU babies are getting the comfort and closeness of a parent’s loving touch. Touch is absolutely crucial for human development. Studies have shown that babies who are not touched and snuggled will suffer from failure to thrive. Their brain development can be affected and sometimes they develop aversion to touch.

Yet sadly, many babies in the NICU cannot always be snuggled and loved on by a parent. So, for these babies, the ZAKY cloth is truly a blessing.

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This brilliantly simple invention comforts babies in the NICU.

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Not only that, but the ZAKY also works to ensure that the baby is positioned correctly. Babies who lay in one position too long can develop a flat head and other physical problems. With the ZAKY, the baby can lay in a nice, neutral position that is both comfortable and safe.

Of course, it should be noted that safe sleep recommendations advise against putting anything in a crib with an infant. In the case of the ZAKY’s use in the NICU, we imagine the babies are under close supervision of nurses not to mention hooked to monitors that will alarm if the baby stops breathing. Parents considering the use of this product at home should consult their pediatricians and ensure they are familiar with safe sleep recommendations before doing so.