Ultrasound Shows White Glow Around Baby’s Head, Then Mom Gives Birth And The Midwives Scream


Kate Mason, 32, was about 30 weeks pregnant when she went in for her latest ultrasound scan. At that point, Kate had no clue whether her baby would be a boy or girl.

This was a routine prenatal scan, nothing fancy like a 3D sonogram. But the very instant the sonographer looked at the screen, she shouted, “Wow!”

This unborn baby had so much hair that it showed up on the sonogram like a white glow around the back of the neck, as clear as day. Kate though her baby might inherit her thick hair, but didn’t expect anything too crazy — certainly not to be interviewed by local news outlets and have the sonogram go viral.

Kate went into labor when her daughter Primrose was 16 days overdue. Her loved ones joked about it, saying the baby girl must’ve wanted to perfect her hair while she was in there.

Thankfully, Primrose was born healthy and the delivery went smoothly. But when she entered into the world, Kate’s experienced midwives were stunned by what they saw…

Watch the video below and see for yourself. Most people think Primrose, now 4 months old, is wearing a wig. What do you think?

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