Wife Sees Bite Marks On Husband‘s Chest And Writes A Letter To His Brazen Mistress. It Made Her Deeply Regret The Day She Met This Man!


This letter might seem too rude or abrupt to many people, but if you‘ve ever faced with the betrayal of your partner, then you will perfectly understand this woman and the pain she was experiencing. A harsh thing, such as cheating of your loved one, fundamentally changes your life, and it‘s absolutely normal to fall into rage, anger or despair. A woman named Melanie published a message to her husband’s mistress in social networks. Not only his new lover but also thousands of Internet users were shocked by this furious wife’s letter.

She wrote,
“Thank you, Jennifer, for the bite marks you left on my husband’s chest. No, really, I’m telling you “THANK YOU”! You don‘t even know what a nightmare you saved me and my children from. To thank you for your service, I suggest that you take my husband for good. If you decide to accept this award, please pay attention to the following rules:

1. You’ll have to support him financially. I mean, we have two children (as you already know), which means that he will give us his lion’s share. Children should receive what they deserve. Also, please pay attention to the fact that I was a housewife for 11 years (at the insistence of my husband), so he will have to pay alimony to me, too. So forget about his money, darling… because it is mine!

2. You‘ll have to buy him new clothes. You know, when he came out of our (and now my) shower today and I saw those bites, something incredible happened! A black hole formed right inside our house, and it absorbed all his clothes! Therefore, he will come to you almost naked (you’re lucky!). But this situation has a perk — you can put on him any clothes you want. You can at least buy him a dog leash or a cute little dress.

3. You can forget about him every weekend. He will spend this time with the children. Since he openly stated (and several people witnessed this) that you are just a “stupid drunk skunk”, my children will not be allowed to stay near you. For their safety.
4. You will not give him back to me. And I will not take him back. The turning point was passed when he touched you! I was a good wife to him, and he was very lucky to have me. Do not be surprised that you can‘t be better than me (and you definitely cannot), and when he understands this, you will be unhappy.

5. He will blame you for all this. With tears in his eyes, he told me that you were laughing at him: “I hope your wife will see these bites.” I don‘t know if you really said that. I don‘t care, to be honest. But if you did, your wish is fulfilled. I saw those bites. He was so angry that you threw that comment that when I hit him in the eye, he immediately asked me to forgive him! In general, I am against violence and I have never beaten anyone before. But I don‘t regret that I hit him. If this moment were rewound, my target would be far lower.

6. Well, and this one is rather not a rule, but a friendly warning. I will keep saying nasty things as often as possible to anger you. It will be my hobby — to offend my husband and you just as you have offended me and my children. Remember that he will listen to me for many, many years. I was with him for 12 years, I know him better. And yes, I am sure that I am doing the right thing. Well, just in case you were interested. Thank you, Jennifer! Thanks to the one who left bite marks on the chest of my husband, who showed me that 11 years of marriage and two children cannot compete with you in any way! I applaud you, the woman who so cunningly conquered my husband. + He’s all yours!”