Woman Saw Frightened Snake In The Middle Of A Highway, Ordered Everyone To Shut Up And Scooped The Serpent With Her BARE HANDS!


Several days ago, traffic stopped on one mountainous highway in Guaratiba, Brazil. All because of a snake!

The reptile was spotted in the middle of the road slithering its way along the highway. As the cars began to stop, the serpent froze too, frightened by the huge vehicles all around. The drivers were too afraid to come closer and help the animal; the animal was too afraid to even move a muscle!

Who knows how much time they would spend there if not for one woman, Camila. The brave woman approached the snake despite her companion’s warnings. She told him to shut up and then scooped the serpent up into her arms!

The footage ends showing Camila’s friends taking pictures of her, and I can not blame them. Then, the snake was said to be released on the roadside.

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Atitude inesperada…Ocorrido em um trecho de serra, a rodovia não foi descoberta ainda. Nossa equipe de reportagem, através de buscas durante este domingo, conseguiu descobrir que é na região de Guaratiba RJ.

Posted by Paulo Vicente repórter on Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017