Your secret fears can be revealed by what you see first in this picture


Everyone is afraid of something. Whether you are nervous around spiders, anxious around snakes, or creeped out by the dark, everyone has something. Your subconscious does its best to hide a lot of your biggest fears from you, but they always find a way to come out.

This simple and quick assessment can help you identify what you are really afraid of. If you are honest about what you see, it will reveal what your subconscious is struggling with so that you can work towards conquering your fears.

First thing you need to do is look at this picture. See what the first thing you identify in the image is, because it will reveal a lot about your secret fears. Ready? Here’s the picture, take a look and be honest about what you see.

Now that you know what you have seen, let’s take a look about what each image means…

The Knife


The knife represents a fear of illness. You are a bit of a hypochondriac and tend to worry about terminal illnesses more than the average person. You are constantly thinking about what you would do if you or a loved one was diagnosed with a disease or should an epidemic break out.

The Caterpillar


The caterpillar represents a fear of the unknown, specifically of supernatural elements that you don’t understand. While you may not advertise your thoughts on the afterlife to everyone, you have a developed an increasingly present paranoia surrounding ghosts and spirits, and what happens to our souls after we die.

The Butterfly


Seeing a butterfly in the image means that you suffer from a fear of rejection and betrayal. You tend to hide it from others, and act like you aren’t affected, but deep down inside you take rejection very hard. You don’t trust people easily, so when someone breaks that trust, you don’t know how to handle it.

The Apple


If you see an apple when you look at the image then you are actually fearful of death. While most people are a little uneasy when it comes to the topic of mortality, your obsession with the inevitability is consuming. You are fixating on something you cannot control and can miss opportunities because of this obsession.

The Fly or The Seeds

If you first noticed the fly or the seeds of the apple, then you are a perfectionist and your fear of failure is one that you need to deal with. You have an eye for detail, but you become so obsessed and focused on them you are never able to let go and move on.

Do you think that your assessment was accurate?