15 stunning photos that prove you have no clue how food is grown


We all enjoy eating delicious foods but most of us have absolutely no idea how that food grows or is produced. You’d probably be shocked with some of the truths behind how your favorite foods are made.

We’re about to throw back the curtain on some of them:

1) Pineapples
These come from crazy spikey looking bushes that grow out of the ground. The fruit comes from the middle of the plant.


2) Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds come from sprouts plants that grow straight up and tall out of the ground inside of little pods known as “buds.”


3) Artichokes
Artichokes come from big pretty purple flower with feathery tops.

4) Brussel Sprouts
Brussel sprouts are a member of the Germmifera group of cabbages and grow from a leafy green plant that is about 2.5 to 4 cm in diameter. They grow in a cluster and look like little cabbages.

5) Capers
Capers grow on a vine of pretty white flowers. They are the unopened buds of the flowers.

6) Pistachios
Pistachios grow in clusters on trees. It usually takes seven to ten years for these trees to get significant production with peak production being reached around 20 years. The pistachios are then dried and dry roasted or processed in machines. They kind of look like mangoes.


7) Peanuts
Peanuts look like pretty little yellow wildflowers when they grow out of the ground but when you pull those flowers up their roots reveal the little bulbous nuts.


8) Vanilla Bean
Vanilla bean is also a flowering plant with white flowers. The plant produces long pods that are treated and dried.

9) Kiwi
Kiwis also start out as flowers that hangs on a vine and is grow along trellises. The flower turns into kiwis that hang down until they are ready to be harvested.
10) Cashews
Cashews are super weird looking. They grow on trees that produce cashew apples, then the nuts grow out of the apples.

11) Almonds
Almonds grow off of flowering trees. The little flowers turn into pods and inside those pods are almonds.

12) Saffron
Saffron comes from exquisitely beautiful bright purple flowers. The saffron stems come out of the middle of the flowers that are just pulled out of the flower.


13) Cinnamon
I had no idea that cinnamon is dried tree bark.


14) Cranberries
Cranberries grow off of evergreen dwarf shrubs that bear flowers that become the little pieces of fruit.


15) Cacao

Cacao, which is what chocolate is, is grown on a tree that produces giant pods. The cacao beans are found inside these pods.

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