18 Things You Know If You Don’t Take Any Shit But You’re Also A Total Pushover


You’ll stand up for yourself, but also somehow feel guilty about it.

1. You spend a lot of time imagining the badass things you’ll say to people in times of confrontation.

2. But when it actually happens, you just weakly laugh it off.

3. Or you say the sassy things you practised in the shower, but regret it after.

Because you feel like you’ve overstepped a line.

4. And even if you do say those things, they probably don’t come out how you imagined them.

In your head it sounded like a killer blow, but it actually came out like an incoherent sob.

5. You really need to psyche yourself up first before you confront someone.

6. Even when you know you’re completely in the right and justified, you still feel guilty.

You hate that you’ve made someone upset, even if you made them upset by calling out their shitty behaviour.

7. However, when people expect you to be a pushover, you actually lose your shit.

8. Especially when people are patronising towards you and just assume you won’t fight back.

At this point all hell breaks lose and suddenly you have no fear.

9. People are always surprised when they see your bad side.

Just because you’ve been nice before doesn’t mean you can be walked all over.

10. And because it takes so much to make you angry, you hold on to grudges for ages.

11. You probably cry pretty easily, especially during arguments.

12. Not necessarily because you’re upset, but because you’re mad.

13. You’re pretty quick on deciding whether or not you like a person.

14. And you have no problem with cutting toxic people out of your life.

15. But you will feel guilty about it.

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You hate hurting people, even when they’ve been shitty.

16. You are way more eager to call someone out online than you are in real life.

Mostly because you won’t have to deal with seeing someone get upset.

17. But your most confrontational side comes out when people hurt those you love.

That’s the one situation in which you’re never a pushover.

18. Basically, you’ve got the perfect balance between badass and sweet angel.