5 Great White Sharks Surround 2 Paddleboarders, Who Stay Totally Calm The Whole Time


Everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I have an intense fear of open water. Not only do I not know how to swim, but I also don’t like not knowing what’s around me. When you’re in the ocean, you have no idea what could be lurking just beneath you!

But nothing could have prepared even these two experienced paddleboarders for what was under their feet.

The two women agreed to be part of a documentary exploring the relationship between sharks and humans. With the cameras rolling, they got on their boards and into the water.

That’s when five shadowy figures appeared just beneath them. They were five great white sharks, one of the most fearsome species of shark in the sea.

The visit caught them off guard. Being so vulnerable in their presence, the paddleboarders were quite afraid, but their greater awareness to remain calm won out — leaving them with one awesome experience (and making for one awesome video)!

Kelly Dead, one of the women, told Inside Edition: “I was terrified. I had a lot of adrenaline going. My instinct was to try and be really outwardly calm: no sudden movements, be really calm with the paddleboard. It was just so cool to see — up close and personal — this beautiful, huge animal.”

Videographer Mark Romanov added: “They were great; they handled it really well. We were all just really excited for the opportunity. It is quite rare to actually see one. We were excited, but not so much afraid.”

Please  if you would have screamed at the sight of five sharks so close to you!