9 Seriously Sassy Kids Who Know How To Put Parents In Their Place


Like many kids, I grew up in a family that absolutely would not tolerate any back talk from me or my brother.

Of course, we tested those boundaries all the time with our parents when our emotions got the better of us. I can’t tell you how many times my dad and I would butt heads over the silliest of things — all the way up until I finally moved away for college! There just seems to be a disconnect between kid logic and parent logic.

Underneath everything, though, there’s always a lot of love and respect. Especially when you hear stuff coming out of kids’ mouths like the youngsters below cooked up. Their sassy responses would be grounds for, well, getting grounded for pretty much life in my house. At least my parents would get around to it after they stopped laughing so much.

Honestly, I wish I had come up with some of these back in the day!

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You have to admit, some of those kids kind of make sense! Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them all ruling the world someday, so it’s probably smart to stay on their good side.

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