A young man fell off his motorbike from shock when this creature jumped out of the bushes. What is it that the camera captured?


A group of motorcyclists was driving through a forest in a remote area of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Then suddenly, the first one fell of his bike with a fright: right in front of him, something was breaking out of the bushes and no one could tell what it was.

They captured it on camera for the rest of the world to witness:

You can see a creature on two legs, carrying a stick and running away. It’s much smaller than the men though, and much faster! When the bikers looked for him in the tall grass, he seemed to have disappeared without a trace. The video has gone viral online in the meantime. Locals believe that the figure was a member of a legendary pygmy tribe — people of particularly small stature whose existence is shrouded in mystery.

But no one can say for sure what these men really saw in the woods. Or …who knows? Maybe they were taken in by a very involved practical joke!