As Soon As Mike Pence Posted This Photo, We Knew There Was Something Terribly Wrong. Do You See It?


If there is one form of entertainment that always seems to grip the internet in a way like no other, it is optical illusions that seem to play on the human brain and the tricks that it can cause.  One of the most popular internet optical illusions that have ever come to light was the famous blue and gold dress where people just couldn’t seem to agree on whether a dress in a photo was blue or gold.

Though some optical illusions are pretty easy or obviously fake, they still all can cause quite a bit of fun for people looking to take a break from the long work day.

One new optical illusion that has recently surfaced is one that involves a photograph that was taken of the Pence family grabbing a bite to eat a local Chili’s.  The Pence family decided to grab a bite to eat at the national chain in New York City on Saturday.

Mike Pence was excited to spend some family time, which is probably why he was so eager to post about it on his Twitter Account, showing his time that he was dedicating to family and smiles.


There is something quite peculiar about his Twitter post, though, and people just can’t seem to figure out what is wrong.  If you look at the people sitting at the table, you will see three people, of which Pence’s 23-year-old daughter Charlotte is included.

Now take a close look at the mirror on the side.  If you look hard enough, you will notice that there are three people sitting at the table, but only two are reflected in the mirror.  His daughter was completely gone from the mirror’s reflection!



This, of course, sparked lots of online controversies, and people started accusing Pence of trying to be sneaky.  Politicians want their supporters to view them as family people, so people started suspecting that Pence photoshopped his family into the photo, but forgot to put in the reflection of his daughter.

Other people took the strange optical illusion as a joke with one Twitter user commenting, “sir I don’t mean to be rude but your daughter might be a vampire just sayin”.

Other people started saying that there was also a strange occurrence because there were four empty glasses which only had two plates of food, and still no reflection of Pence’s daughter.  What could be going on here?

Among all the hate that was being given to Pence, one person finally pointed out that the daughter was in fact still in the photo, and people were just getting upset by nothing.  If you look closely, people have noted that you can make our the daughter’s hair underneath Pence’s chin, and see the back of her head as well.

Among all these different opinions what do you think is really behind this photo?  Was it actually a photoshop accident like some conspirators think, or just a really unique camera angle?  Let us know in the comments below.

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