Dad Steps Outside With Daughters And Whistles. Moments Later, Swarm Of Parrots Takes Over Porch


I’ve said this before, but there really is no place like Australia. I swear, things happen there that couldn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

This video is a perfect example.

Gordon McCoullough was in the Australian outback with his wife and two young daughters when he decided to feed some wild parrots. His wife Sally filmed while Gordon stepped outside in search of the birds.

With seeds in hand and his daughters watching expectantly, Gordon stepped onto the back deck and whistled for the birds.

At first, nothing happened. A few birds whistled back, but no one came to investigate. Gordon could see that there were birds in nearby trees, so he kept whistling.

Then, one parrot landed on the deck. Then another. Then another. Then countless more.

Before long, Gordon’s deck was covered in wild parrots trying to get a snack. They were landing on Gordon, on his daughters — on basically every surface they could.

I have to admit that I’m a little scared of birds, but this video really looks like a majestic scene from a Disney movie. Thankfully, Gordon’s daughters will always have this magical moment on film to watch over and over again.

In the comments on his YouTube video, Gordon said he goes outside to feed the birds every day now.

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