Teen Cashier Buys Cop’s Dessert At Mall, Then Couple Next In Line Campaigns To Get Him Fired


Zack Randolph, 18, works at a cookie shop at Katy Mills Mall in Texas. During his recent shift, a police officer who also works at the mall stopped in to order a cheesecake brownie.

Out of the kindness of his heart, Zack decided to buy the officer’s $2.75 brownie using his own money. He simply wanted to show thanks to the officer for working to keep the community safe.

The officer thanked Zack for the unexpected gesture, took his brownie and went on his way.

But that’s when things took a strange and unfortunate turn. Reportedly, a couple in line behind the officer asked Zack for a free dessert, too. When Zack said he could not oblige them, the man and woman began verbally attacking the teenage cashier.

They apparently called him a “racist” and threatened him. They were so heated, in fact, that Zack hurried to the back room.

He hoped he’d heard the last of it and never expected a $2.75 baked good to spark such outrage from other customers. He only wanted to do something nice for a deserving officer of the law.

But the following day, Zack was told at the end of his shift that he was being suspended for one week without pay. Say what?!

His mom, Tami, was furious. When she posted the story on Facebook, it took off in a way neither she nor her son ever expected.

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