I Draw Dragons To Destroy The Stereotypes About Them


As a kid of the 80’s, dragons have always inspired me. Whether it was through movies, video games or dungeons, and dragons, these mythical beasts had an influence on my imagination. With this series of drawings, I wanted to show a different side of the animal.

Often dragons are depicted as villainous, treasure hoarding monsters but I wanted to break past the stereotypes and delve into the different personalities of each character. As far as the styling of the drawings themselves, I wanted to go for an old fashioned look of classic illustration, maybe even having a feel that they were sketched from life in some explorer’s journal.

#1 Raniik The Obvious


«Raniik the Obvious» fancies himself an excellent hide and seek player.

#2 Telkyn The Learned


This book wyrm loves to hoard her literary treasures.

#3 Cole The Diminutive


«Cole the Diminutive» is just a small dragon in a big world hoping to find a realm of his own that he can desolate all he wants.

#4 Aagar The Emotional


Chapter 14 gets to «AAgar the Emotional» every time.

#5 Varlad The Improviser


«Varlad the Improviser» was fortunate to come across a helpful princess during his quest to find his missing jump rope.

#6 Morkos The Famished


This peckish dragon is always up for a late knight snack.

#7 Gorüng The Skittish


«Gorüng the Skittish» has an extreme case of Ovinaphobia.

#8 Garnyx The Behemoth


Once upon a time a reckless king decreed that his kingdom be built on the highest peak in the land. His advisors warned against the construction as it was a sacred place but were put to death for their disobedience. Woe to the king when Garnyx awakes…

#9 Flaarix The Mischevious


This sea serpent loves surprising the local mermaids with impromptu acrobatic displays.

#10 Cyr’nyth The Mystic


Many an intrepid traveler has sought the wisdom of this ancient forest spirit, but Cyr’nyth only materializes to those he deems worthy of his knowledge.