Lady Has No Idea Security Camera Is Capturing Her Every Move. Disgusting Act Goes Viral


When a young woman really had to use the bathroom, the pulled up to an empty car wash and took a leek right in the parking lot. While no one was technically looking at her while she squatted to pee, her entire illicit affair was caught on security footage. It was recently uploaded to the internet where it was quickly gone viral.

Nature called and she answered. If there were more public toilets in places across America, she might not have needed to do what she did. Check out the footage below and join the conversation about this urinating motorist.

The video, which lasts about 45-seconds, gets right to the point. The girl, who is driving a Volkswagen Golf has pulled up to one of the coin-operated vacuum cleaners.

She quickly looks in both directions. When the young woman realizes that no one is watching her – except for the security camera – she puts her thumbs around her belt and lowers her pants. Dropping them to her knees, she then squats down very low.

She hugs the front of her legs and quickly begins to relieve herself. She is very focused on the task at hand.

While cars speed by on the road nearby, the blonde woman creates a puddle of her own pee at her feet.

She remains in position for a few moments. Then she looks both ways again and quickly finishes what she started.

Then at the 30-second mark, she rises to her feet and pulls her jeans up and over her buttocks. She quickly does it without trying to be seen.

The young woman then goes about trying to disguise her relief puddle. The takes a water bottle from the backseat of her Volkswagen. After dropping it, she opens it and begins spraying her pee with the water to dilute it.

The video cuts out and the incident is over.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched this clip. Here are some of the most popular comments shared on YouTube:

“When you gotta go, you gotta go,” wrote Creepy Mario, speaking the truth for everyone who has ever had to do this kind of thing before.

Rusty Nail shared, “Seen a drunk chick one time pee off the dock and fall in the lake. funniest part is she lost her shorts in the water so she jumped in nothing but a t-shirt trying to hide her lady parts with her hands. I laughed so hard that my gut hurt.”

“I wish the camera would have zoomed in,” shared JoeDivola1.

It is unclear if the police got involved in this situation. The security camera could have been fixed to get a good look at her license plate. But in truth, it is not such a terrible crime since she got away with it without being spotted.

What do you think about this guerilla peer? Is she courageous for doing it in public or plain wrong?

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