Mom Has Identical Twins, But When Another Mom Shares Birth Photo, The Girls Have Different Names


In 2012, April was blessed with identical twins, Sophia and Vivienne. Like many new moms, she couldn’t wait to share photos of her precious newborns.

Shortly after bringing the babies home, she joined a Facebook group specifically for moms of multiples and used an alias name to protect her identity. She began uploading pictures of Sophia and Vivienne and was met with tons of support.

Everything was going great — until the girls turned 1. It was around that time that a woman contacted April on Facebook and directed her to another woman’s parenting blog.

April was horrified to discover a complete stranger, who blogged under the name “Ashley,” had stolen photos of Sophia and Vivienne and was posing as their mother. Ashley gave them different names, Adaya and Kamberlin, and had fabricated stories to go along with each photo. She even made up medical issues from which the girls didn’t actually suffer.

Outraged, April and her husband Nathan found out where Ashley lived and demanded she remove the photos immediately. They contacted the police, but threats of legal action didn’t seem to deter this “digital kidnapper.”

Time passed, and April and Nathan thought the worst was behind them.

But a couple of years later, April learned Ashley wasn’t just continuing to repost her photos online. Once investigators got a look inside her house, things took an even more bizarre and disturbing turn.

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