Judges Offer Nervous Woman Water, Then Her Raspy ‘Purple Rain’ Cover Surprises Them All


Nicole Caldwell didn’t make the kind of first impression she intended when she walked into her audition for The X Factor UK.

But in the end, she completely stunned the judges.

Nicole’s nerves immediately got the best of her before she even started to sing. Then, the judges offered her some water to help clear her throat and calm her down.

After she took a sip, she stepped away from the judges’ table and tried to compose herself once again.

She explained she was a singer by profession, which led Simon to ask why she was so nervous. The truth was, she had never auditioned for anything of that caliber, so it scared her a bit.

Eventually, she collected herself and started singing “Purple Rain” by Prince.

In the video below, posted on September 3, 2017, Nicole eases into her cover of “Purple Rain.” Soon, though, the judges realize how different her voice is. She has a certain raspiness that completely mesmerizes them all.

Suddenly, Simon interrupts Nicole in the middle of her audition. He tells her to “push it,” and that’s exactly what the nervous singer does.

It’s as if Simon’s encouragement transforms her, and she stands in front of the judges with more confidence and flair than ever before.

Nicole’s voice is one you won’t want to miss!

Check out her “Purple Rain” cover in the video below, and please Liked Video if you think she has just what it takes to go far in this competition!