Music Loving Baby Makes Funny Moves When Listening To “Uptown Funk” By Bruno Mars


When there is a little kid around, even a usual car ride may turn into a fun adventure. Little Maddie is yet another proof to this.

This sweet little girl seems to know exactly when her favorite part of the song is about to come. At the video, Maddie rides in a car with the “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars playing in the background. In the beginning, she moves her head, matching the song’s rhythm, just like many kids do when they listen to the music.

A few moments later, the girl stops moving at all, waiting patiently for her favorite part of the song. And then, finally, the little cutie makes that funny gesture that makes people laugh and watch the video over and over again.

Apparently, Maddie was trying to repeat the singer’s famous moves from the music video.

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The girl is so focused on the music that it seems like she does not hear her family members giggling and laughing in the background. She just follows the rhythm and enjoys the moment to the full.

No wonder people love the video so much. That hilarious movement of hers is, perhaps, one of the main reasons why the footage of the dancing toddler went viral in the first place. Just think about it: The video has over 9 million views on YouTube, and the number keeps rising day by day.

But there is at least one more great thing about this short funny video. It is the lesson we can all learn from the little Maddie. Life is too short to let the stress and problems ruin your mood. So, instead of stressing out, turn on the music, wait for your favorite beat to drop, and just dance!