Nervous Woman Chokes Up On Stage, But Simon Can’t Keep It Together When He Hears Her Voice


Emma Jones walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage wearing all black and trying to conceal her nerves. She had come from Cumbria, a county in the U.K., in order to enter the singing competition.

In the video below, posted on May 16, 2015, Simon Cowell greets her and asks, “Why have you entered the show?”

With a shaky voice, Emma nervously replies, “I just, erm, want to — just give it a try and see if you like my voice.”

“Are you nervous, Emma?” Simon asks the visibly worked up contestant.

The timid young woman can’t even muster up the strength to say yes. Instead, she just nods her head with her anxious eyes staring back at Simon. He prompts her to begin and Emma tries breathing deeply to prepare.

The music for “Ave Maria” begins to play as Emma scans the audience. She loses her eyes and after a quick inhale, she starts to sing. She is only a few notes into the song when the audience begins to cheer and scream for her.

Her eyes jolt open and she pauses in disbelief for a moment after realizing they all like her voice. This gives her the power to keep going.

In an instant, Emma goes from painfully shy singing competition hopeful to a woman truly owning the stage with her powerful and unexpected operatic voice.

To hear her for yourself, check out the incredible video below!

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