So simple? People with long hair need to know the following steps.


Sure, even the messy bun can look pretty good.


But usually you want people to think that you’ve at least made a bit of an effort with your hair — all while not having to spend too much time on actually styling it. That’s why we’ve come up with a number of quick and easy tricks to give you an impressive do…

1. The 10 second top-knot

Let’s start with the most simple one. It’s the dream solution for long-haired women in a rush — all you need is a scrunchie and some hairspray to get your hair up in no time.
2. The bun with braid

A bun doesn’t always have to look the same. A simple style that’ll get heads turning is the braid-wrapped bun.

Here’s how to do it: simply wrap your hair into a bun with a bun donut, leaving some hair to create a braid. Now attach the braid in place on the bun with hairpins. You can then give everything some extra support by using hairspray.


3. Romantic hairstyle with thin headband

Depending on the type of headband you use, you can create a number of different effects. Here’s another tip: the style and band stay in place best when your hair hasn’t been freshly washed.


The romantic style can also be done using a braid…


4. The fancy bun

There are countless way you can do the fancy bun, each with its own level of intricacy. Whatever you decide to do, the result is sure to be eye-catching.
Though you’ll need a curling iron for more extravagant styles, they’re not all that complicated to do.


5. Easy chignon

Here’s another stylish take on the bun that’s super simple to achieve. Just follow these four easy steps for a stunning do…


6. Half up rosette bun

It doesn’t have to always be a whole bun. Half buns can look just as great, especially when they’ve been braided into a rosette. Follow these simple steps to create your own flowery head-turning style.


7. Waterfall braid

Here’s a fantastic styling tip if you prefer to have your hair down and don’t mind braiding. While looking great, the waterfall braid has a slightly unconventional effect that’ll stand out from the crowd. All you need is a scrunchie and some hairpins.


8. Knot your average pony

Even the good old ponytail can be given a flashy touch — just take a look at the following guide. And the best thing about it? You can keep it simple or mess it up depending on how you’re feeling.


9. Topsy fishtail braid

While many think all pigtails look the same, this wonderful fishtail design proves otherwise. You can also give your fishtail braid some extra zing by twirling some of the strands of hair.


10. Bun with braided pigtail

To finish, we have another bun — simply because you can be so creative with them. With this style, you have to make sure that the bun is sitting well and not too many strands of hair fall out. First, you braid the hair from just above the middle of your neck upward. Once you’ve reached the height you want, use the rest of the hair to create a bun.


Of course, these tips are intended for women with long hair. Clever hairstyling ideas for women with short hair are coming soon!