Soldier Risks His Life By Running Through Gunfire To Save A Little Girl. The Incredible Moment Was Captured On Tape


These days, you cannot turn on the news without hearing or seeing something that makes you lose a little bit more faith in humanity. So every once in a while, when something good happens, we are relieved that there is still hope for the world. This is why we love sharing stories of people like this brave soldier.

US Special Forces operator, David Eubank rescued a young girl in the midst of war. He literally had to go through a line of gunfire to get the little girl to safety.

The moment, which took place in Mosul was caught on video. The brave 56-year-old soldier has become an internet sensation after a footage of him rescuing the girl in the northern Iraq city made it online.

According to Eubank, he witnessed a group of civilians who had been gunned down by an ISIS sniper and he noticed something that shocked him. Among the bodies of the deceased was a girl of about five-years-old who was still moving.

In the video, we can see Eubank running to save the girl as two other soldiers provided covering fire with machine guns.

This is truly an awe-inspiring moment that should be shared with everyone you know. There is still good in the world.