The young father is desperately looking for a job — but whoever sees his face turns him away immediately


Though only 19, Mark Cropp from Christchurch, New Zealand, has already done several things in his life that he now bitterly regrets.


It all started going wrong several years ago when he tried selling drugs to a tourist. After getting into an argument, Mark pulled a knife on the man and robbed him.

Aged just 17, Mark was sent to prison for armed robbery. However, the young Kiwi didn’t smarten up during his time there. While drunk on a homemade brew consisting of fermented apples, bread, and sugar, Mark asked a fellow inmate to do something that would later have serious consequences for him — ink a large tattoo in the middle of his face.

«Before I knew it, I had this on my face. It was swollen like a bloody pumpkin,» said Mark with regret.

He was released after spending two years in prison and now lives with his fiancée and their young child.

Mark is desperately looking for work to provide for his small family, but no one wants to employ him.

«One employment place said to me, ‘I wouldn’t employ you with that on your face, I wouldn’t even take a second look at you,'» said the New Zealander.

According to Mark, the tattoo was supposed to be small one along the jawline, but they then got «a little carried away.»

We can only hope that Mark will learn from his mistakes and be able to make an honest living soon.