“Titanic”: The 20th Anniversary Of One Of The Greatest Romance Movies Ever Made


It has been 20 years since the immensely popular movie Titanic premiered in cinemas. This blockbuster hit was a both a commercial and a critical success. The movie has won 11 Academy Awards and is still among the top 5 highest grossing films of all times.

20th Anniversary

For many, Titanic was a true cinematic revelation. The unforgettable love story set on the epic voyage of the most famous ship in history. Even today, seeing Titanic is an emotional experience and it is no wonder that people became nostalgic on social media.

However are there still people out there trying to find out whether or not there was room for both Jack and Rose.

Remembering the best scenes.
This movie had so much greatness in it that it is difficult to encompass it in a few lines. However, the memorable scenes with Jack and Rose are something that doesn’t seem to fade away. Relive the thrill of watching the movie in 1997 with some of its best scenes.

Simply a masterpiece
Titanic was incredible and innovative by many standards. The scenes in this movie were enough to make you cry and laugh. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett made us believe in love. They made us believe in fate. This entire movie made us feel as if the greatest love story in the history of mankind simply unfolded in front of our eyes.