Use Coconut Oil In This Way For 2 Weeks And You Will Look 10 Years Younger


Most of the cosmetic products we use every day are abundant in chemicals. They are also very dangerous and people still use them every day.

Still, why won’t you try something natural that won’t be that expensive and will still be better because it doesn’t contain any chemicals?

Amazing Coconut Oil
One of those products is coconut oil. Its main purpose is to use it as a skin moisturizer. It’s abundant in numerous beneficial properties like antioxidant, antibacterial etc.
It is also great for your hair since it is abundant in natural proteins which are amazing for healthy hair. These are some of the best ways you can use coconut oil!

Hair conditioner
Put coconut oil and you’ll have a smooth and silky hair without damage.

Mix coconut oil with some tea tree oil, Shea butter and there is your natural deodorant without toxins or aluminum.

You can also use it instead of toothpastes!

Hair serum
When coconut oil is mixed into vitamin E, it’s an amazing hair serum!

Teeth Whitening
A treatment which was very popular as a part of the Ayurvedic medicine is oil pulling. You just have to swish some coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes a day. All the bacteria and stains from your mouth will disappear.

Charcoal and Clay Facial Soap
Mix charcoal, coconut oil and some clay. Create a facial soap to remove impurities and detoxify your skin!

Use coconut oil as a sunscreen!

Lotion bar
In case of dry skin, add some essential oils, beeswax and coconut oil and there’s your homemade healthy lotion!

Stretch mark cream
Coconut oil is amazing against stretchmarks!

Massage oil
Mix 30 drops of essential oil with ¼ cup of coconut oil. It will serve you as an amazing massage oil.

Shaving cream
Use coconut oil as a shaving cream!

Body scrub
Mix ½ a cup of coconut oil, ½ a cup of organic raw sugar and several drops of some essential oil.

Rub coconut oil on your skin and it will be amazingly healthy.

Destroy bacteria in your oral cavity and have healthy teeth!

Coconut oil is an amazing self-tanner!

Anti-dandruff treatment
Add it into your regular shampoo and you’ll be amazed!

Shaving lotion
Use it as an after-shaving lotion.

Eye-makeup remover
Use a little bit of coconut oil on a cotton pad and remove your makeup.

Treat varicose veins
Use coconut oil to treat your varicose veins!

Cellulite cream
Coconut oil can help you reduce your cellulite by applying it on your skin and also eating it as a part of your diet.

Body butter
Mix some coconut oil with some essential oil and there’s your amazing body butter!

Lip balm
It possesses some amazing and moisturizing properties that can suit your dry lips.

Acne cream
Prepare a mask made of: 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of raw honey and 5 tablespoons of aloe Vera juice. Leave it to act for 20 minutes.

Makeup-Brush Cleaner
Mix 1 part of coconut oil and 2 parts of natural, antibacterial soap. Use it as a makeup-brush cleanser.

Under-eye Cream
Use coconut oil as an under-eye cream.

Nail cream
Nourish your cuticles and nails with some coconut oil.

Cracked heels
Mix some magnesium flakes, essential oil and coconut oil. Your heels will be smooth, soft and healthy very soon!

Itch Relief
Apply some of this amazing oil against, bites, burns and rashes.

Lip Scrub
Add a little bit of raw sugar into some coconut oil and you’ll have a natural lip scrub.

Foot Scrub
Mix several drops of peppermint essential oil, 2 cups of coconut oil and 1 cup of Epsom salt. Scrub your feet before going to bed every night.

Night Cream
Put some coconut oil on your face every night. All the wrinkles and fine lines will be smooth because of its antioxidants.

Shampoo Bar
Add some coconut oil into your shampoo bars.

Anti-aging cream
Coconut oil is amazing in the treatment of age spots as well as premature aging. Apply some of it on your face every night.
Try this amazing natural product and you’ll get rid of all the toxic chemicals present in the creams you buy. You’ll also gather numerous other benefits! Start today!