Your Birth Month Can Tell You More About Your Personality Traits Than You’ve Ever Known


You’ve probably noticed that certain groups of friends who share similar birthdays tend to have the same quirks and personalities.


That’s proof that your personality isn’t just reflected in your star sign (your horoscope) but also in the month of your birth. Many feel that it’s actually the month of your conception that affects how you develop as a person, but most people just use the month they’re born (which lies about thirty-eight weeks later).

So scroll through and look for the birth months of you and your loved ones, checking to see how well they fall in line with their month’s dominant characteristics.



January babies are almost always close to their parents, but also demonstrate a LOT of stubbornness in their day-to-day behavior. Sometimes, this causes them to be more removed from their siblings than if they were born in other months.



Babies born this month are both creatively driven and generally happy.

These qualities generally result in having a lot of friends and being very comfortable in their own skin. All good things, right?



March kids may come across as shy, but they’ve got a lot going on under the surface. They just need to relax and get comfortable enough to share their inner feelings with the world. However, once you lose the trust of a March baby, it’s very hard to get back.



For whatever reason, April babies tend to be incredibly driven and in a hurry. This often leads to them forgetting to “enjoy the journey,” instead coming across as goal-obsessed.



May babies tend to wave goodbye to reality in pursuit of their dreams. This means they’re always creating big plans, but tend to rely on others for the execution expertise.



People born in the month of June tend to be sensitive, even fragile. They’re very polite, and try to keep the harmony among those around them.



Fun is the name of the game for those born in July. Maybe it’s the carefree summer months, but they tend to be happiest when laughing and cutting loose. They’re constantly moving but remain fiercely loyal to their friends, even with a busy lifestyle.



If you’re looking for a laugh, try to track down an August baby. Beyond their winning sense of humor, they tend to excel as leaders because they command respect, often due to compelling life experiences.



While some months bear children that are dreamers, September babies tend to be more detail-oriented, focusing on what it takes to get stuff done.

There are a disproportionately high number of perfectionists stemming from September, too.



They’re the eggheads of the bunch. October babies love to soak up information, making them more intellectual or academic than those born in other months.

Breaking away from the books, they also tend to be more interested in family than other people, so their time outside of the library is often spent with loved ones.