18 Photos Of The Most Unusual People On Public Transport


No one ever enjoys having to ride public transport. It always takes you so much longer to get there, the bus is never on time, and there are never enough seats. Even worse is when other people on the bus are eating, being eccentric or… attempting to spark up a conversation.

But then there are people like those featured in the 18 photos below. If you run into them they just ruin your day completely. If you’re watching from afar though you can laugh like us. A laugh that is also very sympathetic to others around them.

Not The Best Attire

The look on that poor man’s face says it all. If you see someone like this on the street you can just divert your eyes and be done with it. On the bus however the man is right in front of him. Poor guy.

Efficient Seating


We all it when the only seat left is the one the overweight guy has taken beside his own. There’s no possible way you could sit there, so you’re stuck standing up for the entire bus ride.
Bane Of The Bus


There are many questions one has when they see Bane on the bus.

No One Suspects A Thing


Actually everyone knows what you’re doing and none of us are pleased by your antics.

Transport Inside of a Transport


Surely this speeds up your trip to work when you’ve got double the amount of transport!

Make Yourself Comfortable


While we envy how comfy this guy undoubtedly is, we also know how ridiculous this is.

Cooking On the Go


We’re not sure what she’s making, but we know for a fact that she has to get it done before she gets to where she’s going.

Snoozing Away


How anyone can possibly fall asleep on a bus is beyond me.
The New Fashion


We don’t think he’s changing fashion as much as he thinks he does.

Take A Shower Head Right Out the Door


I feel like she missed a critical step of getting ready for work… I don’t know what though.

The Beauty Of Young Love


And the bitter taste of throwing up in your throat. Save it for the bedroom you two.

Duct Tape Man!


We all want a super hero in our lives, but this is not the super hero we wanted.

A Man Dedicated To His Hobby


You have to appreciate how much he loves knitting.

Cinderella’s shoes


When you tell yourself that you haven’t gotten bigger since high school…
Bare Chested


I’m sorry no one on public transport wants to see that. No one wants to see it ever.

Hello, Police?


There is a scary white dude with a knife on this train. He looks crazy. Please come quick.

Do you have the time ma’am?


I guess she got tired of people asking her about the time.

Always That One Clown


How did you even get on the damn train?

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