Dog Is Sleeping Like A Baby, But When The Alarm Goes Off? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Nobody likes mornings! Especially that part of morning when you actually have to wake up. To have that blissful state of dreaming interrupted by the piercing sound of the alarm clock… there’s nothing worse! Sometimes you just want to grab the damn clock and hurl it out the window! Or hit it with a hammer! But there is never a hammer around when you need one.

Oscar knows how you feel! He is a beautiful Vizsla, a native Hungarian breed of dogs. They are very friendly, loyal, and they are good hunters but apparently, at least according to this video, they are not early birds! In this video Oscar is woken up by that sound that we all hate so much, the sound of an alarm clock, and he does not like it one bit! Not a single bit, and he makes that absolutely clear! Watch what he does! Hilarious.