Homeless man asks to sing with street musician. When he opens his mouth, passersby freeze in their tracks


We are used to see street performers when walking around a city center or high street, but we’re sure you haven’t seen one like this before.

Jonny Walker was performing in Leeds in winter night, but this time, he’s not singing alone. A homeless man asked to join him. Jonny didn’t mind at all and he absolutely had no regrets.

In the video, The homeless man who was identified by the name of Bernard has a quite special story to tell. Before becoming a homeless, Bernard was a famous and loved figure around the city. He has two children and was a pivotal member of the Irish Folk scene and also a member of the TV show, Harry’s Game.

Words are not sufficient to describe his enormous talent: He has a such special voice who can touch anyone’s heart. You have to listen to him singing to find out by yourself. This story is just another example that show talent can be discovered in the most unlikely places, we just need to take a moment and give others a chance because they deserve it.

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