Husky Hears ‘I Feel Good’ On The Radio And Hysterically Tries To Sing Along To The Lyrics


Singing is an amazing way to express ourselves. From rocking out at a concert to belting out notes in the shower, we can all admit to doing it — even if we’re not the next big thing in the music industry!

Just check out this little dog and baby singing a duet. It’s adorable enough that I would buy their CD — if they came out with one, that is!

Or how about this woman who uses her singing to put elephants soundly to sleep? She’s clearly got an angelic voice!

In the video below posted on October 27, 2014, a husky named Hice is lounging around in his large bed when he hears the classic James Brown song “I Feel Good” playing in the background.

And it definitely seems like this furry friend has heard it a time or two, since he howls and barks along the words quite well. He can’t actually sing the lyrics, of course — but it’s close enough!

His owner wasted no time at all in getting the priceless “singing” on camera, and recorded a full 30 seconds of the dog howling along to the beloved tune.

I’ve got to admit, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a note or what might be just a long, drawn-out yawn. But hey, all in all, this performance is definitely worth taking the time to watch!

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